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What is a disc vault?

Kaleidescape disc vaults allow you to quickly and easily add movies and music to your Kaleidescape System. Simply insert as many discs as you like and walk away. The disc vault does the rest. The content is automatically added to your library and is ready to be enjoyed throughout your home.

The DV700 and M700 Disc Vault can store up to 320 discs, including Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs. Once all content has been added to your library, discs required for playback should remain in the disc vault. Blu-ray discs must remain in the vault to enable playback of the digital copy on the server, and on systems sold after Nov. 30, 2014, CSS-protected DVDs must remain in the vault to enable playback from the disc. For more information, please visit CSS-Protected-DVD-FAQs.

In addition to the abilities of the DV700 Disc Vault, the M700 Disc Vault adds an integrated M-Class player. The DV700 and M700 Disc Vault connect to your home network with an Ethernet cable, and while any number of disc vaults can be added to a Premiere system, only one disc vault can be added to a Cinema One (2nd generation). When linked with a Cinema One, the integrated player portion of the M700 Disc Vault is disabled.

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