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What is the Kaleidescape System?

The Kaleidescape System is a movie server that digitally stores and organizes your movies, and can make them available from any television in your home. It makes it much more fun and convenient to enjoy movies in your home. It lets you store your entire collection of Blu-ray and DVD quality movies in one place. It automatically documents and organizes them, and can make them instantaneously available for viewing in every room of your home. The intuitive and entertaining Kaleidescape user interface provides various ways for you to browse and select your movies. You can play, pause, resume, even bookmark and later jump to favorite movie scenes, create personalized scripts, and exercise parental controls over which movies are available in each room of your home. Kaleidescape makes it easy for the whole family to enjoy a large collection of movies.


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*Kaleidescape will be closed on the following holidays.