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Why are movies missing from my Premiere system?

If you are not seeing all the movies that you expect to, one of the following things is likely happening. Either the player is set to a parental control level that is hiding restricted content, the player is not capable of displaying Blu-ray quality content, a server is missing from the system, or the movies are in the Trash collection.

Parental Control Level

Cause: Only movies for the current parental control level are shown.

Solution: Change the parental control level. There are several ways do this.

1. Press the Menu button on the Kaleidescape remote; or press Menu on the Remote Control page of the Kaleidescape iPad app; or press the Kaleidescape logo in the top left corner of a touch panel using a Kaleidescape control template. The Kaleidescape Menu will appear.

2. Use the arrow keys to highlight Movies, then select Parental Control. The Parental Control page will appear.

3. Select the desired level and enter the passcode if prompted.

NOTEIf parental controls are configured to hide restricted content, the highest level will not appear on the Parental Control page. To quickly access any parental control level where a passcode is set including the highest level when it is hidden, simply enter the passcode for that level from any place in the on-screen user interface. For example, if the highest level is set to All Movies and it is hidden, entering the passcode for that level from the Movies List page for example, will change the view so all movies appear.

If a passcode is not used, you must change the parental control levels from the Parental Control page of the on-screen user interface.

Incompatible Player

Cause: Only DVD quality movies are shown; Blu-ray quality movies are not shown.

Solution: Older players do not support Blu-ray quality movies, and therefore do not display them on the screen. If there is an M-Class player in the system, use it to watch Blu-ray quality movies. If there is no M-Class player in the system, contact an authorized Kaleidescape dealer to inquire about a trade-up.

Missing Server

Cause: Only movies appear for the servers currently in the system.
If a server is offline, the movies on that server will not appear.

Solution: Check that all servers are powered on, are connected to the network and that the front panel glows blue. Access the browser interface and check that all servers appear on the SETTINGS > components page.

Trash Collection

Cause: A movie is not shown if it is in the Trash collection or has been permanently deleted.

Solution: With the browser interface, select MOVIES, then select Trash from the drop-down menu of collections. If the movie has not been permanently deleted, then it can be returned to your library by selecting Put Back in Library. If the movie has been deleted, it must be added to the system again.


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