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Why is the Kaleidescape music server better than other music servers?

User interface. The Kaleidescape System has the best user interface in the industry — finding and playing your music is easy, intuitive and fun for everyone. The Kaleidescape System provides the richest information about your music along with a flexible way to navigate through this information onscreen.

Convenience. With the DV700 or M700 Disc Vault, just insert 320 CDs into the vault. Overnight the vault automatically imports the CDs onto the servers in the system, storing exact digital copies. Eject all CDs from the vault and reload until your entire CD collection is imported.

Reliability. The Kaleidescape System is reliable — it just works. On a Premiere Line System, your music files are protected by proprietary Kaleidescape RAID-K storage technology, which means you don’t need to worry about losing data when a single disk drive fails.

Scalability. You can add more music zones to your home without having to buy more storage; and you can add more storage without having to add more music zones. The Kaleidescape System features the ability to store all of your music without losing any quality, and the ability to simultaneously serve music to as many zones as you can find in any home or yacht.

Movies. The same Kaleidescape System can also display your entire movie collection and serve it up to any viewing zone in your home or yacht.

In short, the Kaleidescape experience for music and movies is unmatched in the industry.


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