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Will my old players work with the Strato system components?

Strato system components:

Strato and Strato S player models K0509-XXXX 
Strato C player model K0217-000 
Terra server models K0108-00XX 
Terra (compact) server models K0110-00XX

will work with these older players:

Alto player model K0507-0XXX 
Premiere M-Class player models KPLAYER-M300, KPLAYER-M500, and KPLAYER-M700 
Premiere server models KSERVER-1500, KSERVER-1550 and KSERVER-5000 
Cinema One player models K0505-000X

To produce a single integrated OSD content view, older player models must be connected to the Strato system with either:

a Kaleidescape Co-Star switch model K8010-0201 
a Lumagen Radiance Pro processor 
a Crestron NVX video switch 


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